Role: Composer

Director: Chris Schmid

Project description

The Okavango River Basin is home to the largest remaining population of African Elephants. It also contains a significant number of lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hundreds of bird species. Furthermore, it provides a vital source of water for millions of animals and people alike. It also vitalizes the majestic Okavango Delta, which is now gravely threatened by human activity. This movie was the result of a highly fruitful collaboration between director Chris Schmid and Christian Heschl. It shows the beauty of nature and the importance of its preservation, winning multiple awards in the process.

“OKAVANGO the movie and its score are no exception, it is a musical feast filled with varying degrees of excitement and overflowing with a rich and captivating sound, with a style and tone that is not only pleasing but affecting and emotive.”
John Mansell, International Filmmusic Critics Association